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Jobs: Finding Your Perfect Employer

By Sandra Fletcher For many newcomers to Canada, finding work is a job in itself. Which employers are good? How much money will I get for the job that I do? Where will I be able to work? What is the right job for me and my family?

Job-Hunting: First Telephone Interview

A telephone job interview is offered because the employer has decided that you have met the basic job requirements for the position they need to fill. Today, national and international employers place a great deal of emphasis on telephone…

Jobs: Five Steps to Employment

Cristina Graida, Project Administrator at Next-Steps Employment Centre – Scarborough Rouge, sat down with Canadian Newcomer to give us an overview of Employment Ontario’s FREE employment services, available for the job seeking community and…

Short Courses Get You Working Sooner

In Canada, we talk about the need for “lifelong learning” to get good jobs, so many adults go to school to upgrade their skills. If your credentials are not accepted in Canada without bridging, you may want to take some shorter courses that…

Finding a Job

By Karen Bridson-Boyczuk Karen Bridson-Boyczuk is a journalist, author, personal fitness trainer and mother. She has published two books on fitness and health for women.