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Careers: Climbing That Ladder

For many, many years women fought to get paid the same amount as their male counterparts, for doing the same work, or work of equal value. Now that practice is not only expected but also the law. Women fought for this right, paving the way…

A Balancing Act

My nightmare begins with me walking on a tightrope. In my hands, I carry a bar – the kind that most typical tight rope circus performers carry. I wobble as I walk along, and the whole time I struggle to walk. I can feel myself falling over…

Women: What is Violence Against Women?

By Sally McBride Violence means fighting, hostile or cruel action against others. The opposite of violence is peace. We all would like to have peace in our homes and families, but some unfortunate women do not.

Women: What Are My Rights?

By Sally McBride I watched with a smile as a young woman, wearing the modest dress and headscarf of a Muslim, rode the bus in downtown Toronto. I wondered about her. Was she going to work, or to school perhaps? She was reading as she hung…